And so the end of another year is upon us…

The Pre-prep have covered a lot of ground since last September – quite literally too! We started our Turrets and Tiara’s topic with a trip to Corfe and Porchester Castles which got us in the mood to learn all about knights. A modern day knight, in the form of PC Berresford came in to talk to the children about his role and he showed them that shields are still in use today which they all found fascinating. In stories, Knights tend to go hand in hand with dragons and both Years One and Two recited dragon poems in the Dramatic Readings competition, and to great effect. The children very much enjoyed seeing Sir Teachalot, and learning about knights of old and they were also keen to learn about current soldiers and enjoyed going Army Barmy with camps in the woods and tea in bivvy tins. We celebrated the soldiers of the World Wars too in our remembrance service which is always a very poignant experience. Our Christmas play this year was ‘Bethlehem Inn’ and I have to say that I really enjoyed this one. My favourite song still remains the wonderful ‘My Life is Getting Very Busy’ with the Year One boys dancing to it. Just brilliant!

The Spring term was also very busy. We all went to the Historic Dockyards to begin with to get an understanding of life at sea for our ‘Pirates, Parrots and Pieces of Eight’ theme but we did not stop there. Other interests joined the learning theme which included dinosaurs, penguins and Easter, to name but a few. Indeed, Years One and Two had a wonderful day of workshops at Salisbury Cathedral whereas the EYFS enjoyed trips to the Raptor and Reptile Centre and Marwell Zoo amongst others.

The Summer term began with an inspiring trip to Longleat to learn all about Rainforests and the area in which the Olympic games will take place this year. This was a wonderful topic which really engaged all the children. As always, there were lots of other things going on such as our fabulous Summer Concert and Year Two’s first field trip to Lulworth Cove. There have also been lots of sports this term with both a brilliant sports day and a swimming gala taking place alongside Year Two’s first fixture against Moyles Court. Other firsts have been the introduction of the House System into the Pre-prep, our first Quick Sticks Hockey sessions and our first Holiday Club which took place during the Easter holidays. Due to its success, we are running another Holiday Club during August this summer so if you have not yet signed up your Pre-prep aged children please do so as places are running out fast!

To be honest, this is only the tip of the ice-berg which is why I write a post each week. Do keep up with Pre-prep exploits by going onto the website, following us on Twitter or you can always have a Newsletter sent to you each Friday. Please just ask.

Have a wonderful Summer.


Mrs Spottiswood

Newsletter 1st July 2016

1 July 2016

This has been such a busy term but I did not want you to think that I had forgotten Sports Day! This was a fantastic event with the perfect balance of fun and competition to enable each child to play to their strengths and have a go. Mrs Golding had organised the entire event and little touches such as the music and bunting as well as careful attention to detail, made for a very welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. The children competed for their Houses in a range of events which included Bean Bag Target, Javelin Throw, The Pirate Ship Obstacle Course and, pictured above, The Water Relay, to name but a few. The children then took part in sprints in their own year groups. My very favourite race was the Open 200m lap. Mrs Golding expected only a few hardy types to participate but we were all delighted to see that nearly every child in the Pre-Prep chose to take part which was wonderful and which was a great demonstration of the good sportsmanship and enjoyment which permeated this entire event.

Mrs Golding also arranged the Swimming Gala which took place yesterday. This too was a carefully thought out blend of competition and fun. All the children took part from Nursery to Year Two in a variety of races. They swam in heats, such as Backstroke, Sinkers, Relay and Freestyle, after which there was a final which enabled all the children to take part and achieve at their own level. Again this was a fabulous and well supported event. Thank you Mrs Golding!





Newsletter 24th June 2016

24 June 2016Wednesday morning dawned dull and drizzly but it didn’t dampen the spirits of the Pre-Prep. We set off on our 2 ½ mile walk around Hasley, in the New Forest, with great enthusiasm and we had a brilliant morning. The sun soon broke through and all our children, from our littlest three year old to our biggest seven year old managed to make it the whole way around – though it has to be said that some had a little more support than others. We are now collecting in all the sponsorship money, so if you have not already done so, please could you proudly inform your child’s sponsors of their achievement and ask them to pay up forthwith!

On a less happy note I need to confirm that Sarah-Lou Carver will be leaving us in September, after continuing to work in our Holiday Club over the summer holidays. She is leaving to train to be a Teacher in the Early Years and Lower Primary and the profession will welcome her with open arms, of that I am certain. Sarah-Lou is a truly wonderful young lady. I have never found her anything less than warm, willing and open-hearted. She works with our youngest children with a gentle and very kind manner and she is always smiling. The children really love her and respond to her sense of humour and readiness to listen. She will be a brilliant, hard-working, dedicated and caring teacher as she embodies my belief that ‘Teaching is a Work of Heart.’ We all wish her every success and happiness.

Newsletter 17th June 2016

Wasn’t the Summer Concert wonderful? The Toy Story song performed by our brilliant soloists was so beautiful – I really don’t think that there was a dry eye in the house and it was so lovely to share the children’s obvious enjoyment of ‘Stand By Your Man’ and Year One turning themselves into galloping horses to songs from Oklahoma. I so admired the children as they played percussion and strings – I love the concentration on their faces. They put on such a fabulous performance and I was so proud of all of them. We ask such a lot from them and they always deliver. It is easy, sometimes to forget just how little they are. Huge thanks of course go to Mrs Miller, Mrs Rowntree, Miss Irene and Mr Radford for a lovely afternoon of entertainment.

Newsletter 10th June 2016

Looking at these photos you would be forgiven for thinking that Year Two went for a jolly when they went to Lulworth Cove yesterday! Far from it! This was their first Geography Field Trip and they had a lot of work to do – they visited the Heritage Centre to learn about the geology and then went to view Stair Hole and see the folded rocks caused by the action of Tectonic plates. They each drew a map of the village using correct cartographic symbols and they conducted questionnaires for their survey. In between times, they had a fish and chip lunch and a bit of a paddle and rounded everything off nicely with an ice-cream. A jolly good day of learning I’m sure you’ll agree!

Newsletter 27th May 2016


On Monday our Year Two class had their first fixture and played Moyles Court at home! The children were all very excited about it and thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon of Diamond Cricket and Rounders. I think that all the parents who attended enjoyed seeing their prospective Year Threes playing as well as perhaps partaking of Match Tea for the first time. Huge thanks go to Faith Golding who arranged such a lovely afternoon and who set such a relaxing and fun tone to our children’s first fixture and thank you too to Judy Cochand for these great photos. It was a wonderful afternoon as you can see!

Newsletter 20th May 2016

20 May 2016 1

Meg Dyos came into the school to speak to all the children on Wednesday. She was a part of a team of women who rowed across the Pacific Ocean, a distance of 8446 miles. The tale of this epic journey held the children in rapt attention and they asked a huge amount of questions afterwards. Meg’s underlying message was very valuable. As she recounted her adventures she stressed how important it was to maintain a positive attitude and to be incredibly determined to achieve her end goal. She told the children that everyone has a ‘Pacific’ to cross. Something challenging, anything at all, which would prove immensely worthwhile once it had been achieved. Meg was a Matron here before she went to University and embarked upon her adventures and so we as a school would like to support Meg, and also Theo Jones a fellow FSM alumni who has recently embarked on a similar endeavour and rowed the Atlantic. To this end our children will be challenged with their own Pacific. On Wednesday 22nd of June all the Pre-Prep children will be walking a 2.5 mile route on a sponsored walk in the New Forest. They will be supporting Meg and Theo’s three great charities – Breast Cancer Care; Walking with the Wounded and the Not Forgotten Association. Detailed information and sponsorship forms will follow in the half term mailing so do keep your eyes open for it. I am sure that the Pre-Prep are up to this challenge. I can promise that there won’t be any sharks!

20 May 2016 2

Tracy Spottiswood